Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

Well this was Duke's first Thanksgiving and I think he loved every min of it! After battling traffice and traveling 4 hours to Houston (normally it takes us 2 hours), we finally get there. We had to get some rest because the next day was the Turkey Trott! Loving GB had actually registered Duke as a runner, therefore he had his own cute! Everyone did so good! Duke and I even ran the whole thing! He was such a pooped pup that afternoon, so we took lots of naps before dinner was ready. This year for some reason we ate late, oh well it was still good! The next morning was Black Friday and unlike my parents, aunt, and uncle I slept in and wasn't in a line at 6am! We layed around all day except for our 30min walk. Saturday morning, Bubba was leaving to go back to SFA and we headed back to move I ever made, beat soooo much traffic! The pictures are out of order but I'm sure you can figure out what goes when...

sleeping round #2Make room for me Aunt B and GB

Uncle James...PLEASE give me some of that pie.....

Sleeping round 1....

Getting ready to go trot...yes he did have his own number.....

The Pierce Family at the Turkey Trott...

Duke and I getting ready to Trott...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

HALLOWEEN 10.31.09

Well Halloween was interesting this year. Due to a scratch cornea, Duke was coned. Since my mom was upset because I was not going to dress him up, she took FULL advantage of his injury. Therefore for Halloween Duke was "Weimartini". Sad I know, however it created MANY laughs from people even after halloween. Also on Halloween this year SFA (where bubba goes to school) played Tx State (where JP goes to school and my alumi) soooo we had a casa full! It was good times! oh and can you guess what I am? Think sweet....candycorn!!!

Duker Meets Weavers

For 5 years of my life I lived in Conway, Arkansas. During this time there I made LOTS of friends including many I stay in touch with. Since my best friend (aka Sister, Kim Weaver) still lives there I still travel back to see her and her wonderful family. With our busy lives our trips to see each other are not as often as they use to. But because Kim and I are one in the same we understand this but always can pick up right where we left off. Since she has not met my Duke and I was due for a visit with my sister, Duker and I loaded up and drove 9 hours to Conway. We (Duke and Me) left Friday around noon, got there Friday around 9pm. Saturday we hiked http://http// . Duker LOVED this! We hiked all the way down to the waterfall then to a "blue hole" or something. It wasn't blue. However I took Duke off lease and he was in heaven. He did so good to! He would go far ahead, but he would come when called! This wore his tail out! He slept all the way home, it was awesome. After a wonderful pancake breakfast made by Mrs. Weaver (Kim's "other mother"), Duker and I loaded up and headed home on Sunday. It was a short trip, but mucho needed. Thank goodness he is a good road trip buddy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip To BMT

This weekend was fun! The Duke and I traveled to Beaumont to see the 'rents! I'm so lucky to have a dog who travels well...knock on wood. He hangs his HEAD (not his full body) out the window from the back seat, or he sleeps or he tries to get in the front seat (thanks to his seat belt he cannot). On Saturday morning, well all got up and walked in a 5K to help the Heart Association. As you can tell by our pictures, we represented Wesley UMC and the pumpkin patch! This was Duker's 1st 5K, AND the longest he has ever walked at one time. He did GREAT! it even made him sleep the rest of the day! LOL! After the walk, I went home and showered, while Duker napped and GB, Duker, and me went to the Wesley UMC's pumpkin patch and had pictures made! How good looking is he! And yes...that is a candy corn collar he has on (thank you GB). He was pooped for sure after that. Sunday came and on my way out I met Rach for lunch at a cafe where dogs were allowed on their patio. He did such a good job there too! I'm so proud of my Duke! Still so in love...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Duker's Blessing

This past Saturday, Duker was blesssed at St. Austin Parish church. This was an amazing day...God even held off the rain until we were driving home. This was held in the court yard with a zillion other animals...dogs, cats, birds, rats (no joke!). Even with all the animals there he did AMAZING! He just sat down during the ceremony...well except for the time he rolled over on his back, belly up! LOL! Even Aunt Melisa came too! He is just beautiful and I'm lucky to have such a wonderful dog who loves his mom! (pics out of order)
Duker on the patio (one of his favorite places), in his new "big boy collar"
Aunt Melisa, Me & Duker

Daddy, GB, Me & Duker after Blessing

Actually getting blessed...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Packet Pick Up - FGB - Marathon Relays

On Friday September 25th, Melisa, Jessica (and Monty), Me & Duker started our packet pick ups with a trip to LuLu for a new pair of shorts (treating ourselves for doing paleo for a week). For those that don't know, LuLu is a fun and fancy and $$ workout clothing store. HOWEVER their clothes are WONDERFUL and worth every penny...just gotta earn that penny. ANYWAYS...after shopping we went to Austin Java for some coffee. After a trip to a dog store to get Monty a Birthday present, we went to the Convention Center to get our packet for our Marathon Relays on Sunday. After we got our packets we got back in our cars and went to RunTex to get our packets for Fight Gone Bad. This was an fundraiser event put on by Crossfit Central to help raise money for wounded warrior project and prostate cancer research. I placed 2nd in the female elite catagory. (check out for more details). Since my parents were going I took Duker. They held him while I lifted. He did a GREAT job with the crowd. He did bark when I was on the platform, but I think that had to do with the faces I was making LOL. People just thought he was cheering me on. It was such a fun event and I had such GREAT support (mucho thanks to GB and Daddy for coming). After a wedding on Saturday night, Sunday came early and I was off to run in the first Distance Challenge event of this season. We were Rick's Chicks! This was a team composed of Rick (12k), Me (10k), Pam (10k), Donna (5K), Melisa (5K). Each person ran a little bit totally a marathon. Again I brought Duker because I think he needs to be around crowds, and Melisa agreed to watch him while I ran. Well when I got done running Rick, her husband, showed me the pics below on his iphone. Duker had climbed up in Melisa's lap and she let him, remind you Duker is no 61lbs!!!!...told you I was not the only one who spoiled him. So then she felt the need to sit in mine. He did VERY good at this event as well. Therefore afterwards when we got home, Duker and me passed out on the couch for no lie close to 3 hours LOL! Needless to say, duker's first outhings were a success and he will be able to tag along more often! (I will post a pic of FGB event when the screen unfreezes).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Puppy School Begins

Duke started puppy school at Petsmart a few weeks ago. We are in a class with 3 other dogs; Mac, Max, and Sophie (sp?). If you stack the dogs on top of each other, they MIGHT be as tall as duke LOL! Today we attended our 2nd class. The first class was awesome. We learned "look at me", but since Duke is awesome is alread knew that. Our 2nd class we worked on sit (hand and verbal commands) AND lease walking THANK GOODNESS! Duker did come home with a new harnes to teach him loose leash walking. His instructor is very patient with me and Duke. Even has stayed extra to help me learn his new harness. Looking forward to next week! Class #1
AFTER Class #2