Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well so far today we have done nothing but nap, wake up, nap, wake up, is good! I discovered he likes peanutbutter, yogart and crawling under the futon to sleep (which he won't be able to do for long). I think we are going to try the pool tomorrow, but it all depends if we get our naps in. I am so in love...Duke is AMAZING and not to mention the cutest thing in the world! How am I supposed to leave him when I go to work!

Still not sure about the world out there or why I keep thowing a camera in his face...he better get use to it!

This is Duke...kinda reminds me of Elvis...he wasn't really sure about getting out of his kennel and into his new world, but sure enough he did and he is WONDERFUL!

How sad is this? He did cry for the first mile then he just layed down and went to sleep and didn't wake up till I got him home!

This is Duke with his Daddy Guinness...or as Jen says, "Bubba Lou". I hope Duke turns out just like Guinness. We think he is going to be bigger...aghhhh I cannot wait!

This is Jen & Travis with Duke...They did an AMAZING job with all the puppies. They were sad to see him go but I promised them he was going to a good home with lots of love! Gahhh these people are wonderful!

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  1. Love the one of Duke and Guinness. Same position!