Thursday, November 26, 2009

Duker Meets Weavers

For 5 years of my life I lived in Conway, Arkansas. During this time there I made LOTS of friends including many I stay in touch with. Since my best friend (aka Sister, Kim Weaver) still lives there I still travel back to see her and her wonderful family. With our busy lives our trips to see each other are not as often as they use to. But because Kim and I are one in the same we understand this but always can pick up right where we left off. Since she has not met my Duke and I was due for a visit with my sister, Duker and I loaded up and drove 9 hours to Conway. We (Duke and Me) left Friday around noon, got there Friday around 9pm. Saturday we hiked http://http// . Duker LOVED this! We hiked all the way down to the waterfall then to a "blue hole" or something. It wasn't blue. However I took Duke off lease and he was in heaven. He did so good to! He would go far ahead, but he would come when called! This wore his tail out! He slept all the way home, it was awesome. After a wonderful pancake breakfast made by Mrs. Weaver (Kim's "other mother"), Duker and I loaded up and headed home on Sunday. It was a short trip, but mucho needed. Thank goodness he is a good road trip buddy!

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  1. These are great but what about Thanksgiving? Christmas? Dirty Dog? .....You're going to be like PatPat when James asks where his baby book is..."in that sack."