Sunday, October 4, 2009

Duker's Blessing

This past Saturday, Duker was blesssed at St. Austin Parish church. This was an amazing day...God even held off the rain until we were driving home. This was held in the court yard with a zillion other animals...dogs, cats, birds, rats (no joke!). Even with all the animals there he did AMAZING! He just sat down during the ceremony...well except for the time he rolled over on his back, belly up! LOL! Even Aunt Melisa came too! He is just beautiful and I'm lucky to have such a wonderful dog who loves his mom! (pics out of order)
Duker on the patio (one of his favorite places), in his new "big boy collar"
Aunt Melisa, Me & Duker

Daddy, GB, Me & Duker after Blessing

Actually getting blessed...

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